Emotional Intelligence Teaching

Teaching students can be hard sometimes


Using Albert Alegre´s techniques, your

students will listen and behave again, 

they will make positive decisions, they will

learn, and you will be able to enjoy

being a teacher.


In this workshop, you will learn ways of

developing your students' Emotional Intelligence.

It consists of 3 sessions.


Session 1

In the first session teachers learn:

What is emotional intelligence

Why is important

Developing Emotional Intelligence through


How to learn to cooperate and how to foster


How to make decisions together


Session 2

In the second session, teachers learn:

Effective communication strategies

How to teach students to express emotions in

socially appropriate and effective ways.

How to nurture their students' self-confidence

and self-esteem.


Session 3

The third session is dedicated to learn ways to:

Prevent conflict

Use discipline methods that promote cooperation

Deal with conflict constructively

If you are interested