Leading with Emotional Intelligence

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Effective leaders need to be transformational.


They need to inspire, motivate, innovate,

stimulate creativity, and develop strong bonds

of allegiance with their subordinates.

It is not easy to be a charismatic leader, but you

can be one if you develop your emotional



In this workshop, leaders learn ways of

developing their Emotional Intelligence.

It consists of 3 sessions.


Session 1

In this session leaders learn:

What is emotional intelligence

Why is important

Cooperation as the way to excellence

How to promote cooperation


Session 2

In the second session, leaders learn:

Effective communication strategies

How to express emotions in work-related

appropriate and effective ways.

How to develop self-confidence and self-esteem.


Session 3

In the third session, managers learn ways to:

Prevent conflict

Use behavior management methods that

promote cooperation

Deal with conflict constructively


Who should attend

This workshop is designed to provide executive

training for high and midlevel managers or

executives who lead others with managerial

responsibility. The maximum number of

attendants per session is 10.


How will you benefit

You will learn how to establish more positive

relations with your subordinates, how to awaken

their intrinsic motivation to perform at a high

level, and how to function as genuine members 

of a dynamic and highly effective team.

If you are interested