Toxic Bosses: How to Surivive Them

Castellano  Català


Too many bosses are dysfunctional.


They want to control everything or do not care

enough, or do not listen, or do not dare to

confront the problems, or fail in so many

other ways. Too often they damage their 

company and in the process, they may harm

your career.


Albert Alegre will teach you how to survive and

even advance your career working with them,

using your emotional intelligence. Albert mixes

EI theory with the study of real cases, with your

own experiences, and with exercises and 

activities that will prepare you to deal with

your boss in efficient ways.


We will review the following aspects:

Understanding the company

What is Emotional intelligence

Why it is important

The 5 types of dysfunctional bosses

Emotional intelligence strategies to deal with them

The good leader

We are all both leaders and subordinates

If you are interested